When you are looking for car parts in Canada, there are a few things to consider. You cannot buy car parts that are cheap to save money, and you cannot buy car parts that might not work on your vehicle. You must shop around the Internet to find the parts you need, and you can use the tips listed below to ensure that you will save as much money as possible while choosing the proper parts for your car.

The American Market And Canadian Market Are Different

Yes, there are a lot of people driving American cars in Canada, and there are plenty of people in America who bought their cars in Canada. However, regulations in these countries are different. That means that some of the parts on your Canadian car are not the same as the parts for an American.

This does not happen all that often, but the parts may be slightly different. You cannot install the wrong part on your car and expect it to work. Plus, you could actually damage your car if you try to force the wrong part into the vehicle.

You Need To Check Your Model Year

The model year of your vehicle is very important. Car designs change all the time, and you never know when the parts used to build your car changed so drastically that you need to get a completely different part. If you are not sure which year your car was built, you can check the sticker on the inside of the driver’s door to make sure you know when the car was actually built.

Check The Trim Package Of Your Car

Some cars need different parts if they have a different trim package. Your basic vehicle might use different parts than a car that has a lot of optional extras. You should search based on the trim package of your car to make sure that you got the right parts. Combining the model year and trim package alone will make it much easier to find the proper parts.

Check Your User Manual

You can contact the manufacturer using information from your user manual when you are looking for a part. You do not need to buy the part from the manufacturer, but an expert on their customer service line can tell you precisely what you need.

Go To A Dealer

If you do not trust yourself to buy car parts on your own, you can go to your local dealer. You can complete the repairs on your own, but you can buy the parts from the dealer. The dealer has access to factory parts that they store on the premises. Their service department uses those parts every day, and that is why you can trust that the dealer has the proper parts for your car.

If the repair is very simple, some dealers will install the part for you at no charge.

Search For OEM Parts

You need to search for factory parts or OEM parts. OEM parts are made in the exact same style as the parts that come from the factory. If you do not buy these parts, you will not get the results that you want. Plus, you need to make sure that you have read the company’s reviews to make sure they sell good parts.

If the company has poor reviews, you need to find better parts. However, you can buy parts from the same company over and over again if you know that their parts will work. Plus, you can order directly from these companies instead of searching the Internet endlessly until you find what you need.


When you want to buy auto parts in Canada, you need to use the tips above to ensure that you have found the proper parts. You must check for parts made for Canadian vehicles. Check the modern year of your car, and ensure you are buying parts for the proper trim package. You can visit your dealer if you need to, or you can buy OEM parts online. Plus, you can buy the tools you need to do the repair when you have found a site that has the right parts.